.NAME : Joungho Kim
.E-MAIL : joungho@kaist.ac.kr
.TEL : +82-42-350-3458
.WEB SITE : http://tera.kaist.ac.kr

It is very honorable to meet our friends in this explosively expanding internet world.

Our research group is composed of young students and scientists who love challenges and achievements in the newly discovered and developed engineering and scientific world.

We explore the new spectrums of electromagnetic waves that are needed to come up with the desired bandwidth of the future wired and wireless interconnection. Also the spectrum will quite useful for other application areas such as high-speed signal processing and wireless power transfer (WPT).

We have two different groups of research including the signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) in TSV-based 3D IC group and WPT group. In the 3D IC group, we are evaluating the design of signal lines and power distribution network (PDN) in 3D-IC and suggesting the optimized design and devices for improving the system performance. For the evaluation and design guide, we model and measure the signal lines and PDN in 3D IC in the frequency and time domain. Additionally, we also focus on the advance package shceme for high integration density.

Today, the demand for wireless power transfer has been significantly increased to achieve the smaller form factors and higher mobility. In the WPT group, we are developing WPT systems in mobile devices such as Smart phones, Smartwatches, TVs, Drones and automotive vehicles. For this, we focus on the design of WPT coil systems, electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding materials such as ferrite and meta-materials and impedance matching circuits for improved power transfer efficiency and low EMF.

We all want to be happy on their own personal life, at the same time, enjoy our hard works. In the future, I hope that the students will become the leaders of their research areas and believe that is the way how we can help the humans and our earth get better everyday.

We love waves, that is how we can communicate!